How to purchase for someone else

When you are in checkout you will see this screen:

If you select "I am the parent/guardian purchasing for other(s) to use" then as you continue through checkout you will add in the students details.

On the next page you will see this screen, where you are looking for the orange link saying "Enter New Learner Details". When you click this you will be able to add the details of the student you are purchasing for. You can add more than one student by clicking the "Enter New Learner Details" again.

Once the learner has been added you will see their name underneath the product they have been added to. Once you have added all the learners, proceed through to billing details and carry on purchasing like any other online purchase.

Once the order is complete

After the payment has been received and the order is complete the learner emails you purchased the product for will now have an Advantage Learn account. They will receive an email with their account details to the email you provided us with. If they already have an account then the product will automatically be added to that account.

When the learner logs onto the site they will be able to access their learning material (NBT Course, AP Maths Course or Maths Online).

What you can do on

We know how important a learners progress is for a parent/guardian so we have built in "Learner Following". Although you cannot use the content as the learning products are only accessible for the accounts they have been purchased for, you can keep track of the progress of the Learners.

In "My Account" you will be able to see your payments and subscriptions and manage all of them.

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