Please read and take note of the following important information relating to NBT Workshops. 

Important booking information and guidelines:

1. For the rest of 2020, our in-person workshops are going to be run as live-streamed workshops.

Advantage Learn will not run any classroom or in-person NBT workshops in 2020. Although schools may re-open, we do not want to encourage the meeting of large groups until we are certain the spread of COVID-19 has stopped and it is safe again.

2. If your workshop is affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and you cannot make use of the alternative workshop arrangements then contact our team and we will make other arrangements with you depending on the circumstances.

Advantage Learn will endeavor to provide an alternative workshop delivery method for all in-person workshops at no additional cost to you (the purchaser).

3. If you have purchased an NBT preparation workshop (at your school or one of our public ones) you can request to change your workshop date at no additional cost. 

  1. The first workshop date change is at no additional cost.
  2. If you change your workshop date more than once then there will be an administrative fee of R400 for each additional workshop date change unless you are a premium pass customer. 
  3. However, you cannot change the workshop date in the 7 day periods before the workshop. Date changes need to be requested more than 7 days before your workshop date.

4. If you choose to change from attending a workshop to having access to our online course then you can do so at no-cost.

Our online course is really comprehensive and should you want to rather learn on that than join a live-stream workshop then you can change to the online course at no additional cost. 

5. If you choose to cancel your booking please take note of the following regarding workshop cancellations:

  1. If you cancel your workshop more than 7 days before the workshop then we will consider a refund depending on the circumstances but we retain the right to not refund you if we can provide you with appropriate options to deliver the workshop to you. 
  2. If you cancel attending a workshop within 7 days of the workshop there is no refund.

6. Access to the learning material for the workshop will be made available to you. 

We will ensure that you get the workbook in the following ways: 

  1. If your workshop is through a school we will be sending them to your school for collection at your own convenience or it will be available digitally to download.
  2. If you have booked a public course your workbook is available digitally to download.
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