We have the largest cohort of AP Maths online learners and so, to all our AP Maths online learners, your learning continues unaffected. However, we have in-person centres in Johannesburg and Durban. Please, see the important information and common questions relating to AP maths. 

What is happening with AP Maths classes?

For our in-person AP Maths learners, you will need to learn online over the period that schools are closed. Our AP Maths educators will record the weekly lessons in video format and we will deliver them to you in your course space on AdvantageLearn.com so that you can continue learning. We encourage you to please keep to your normal routine but to use the video lesson to replace the normal in-person lesson and hence not affect your learning whilst COVID-19 keeps our in-person classes shut. 

What about our AP Maths assessments, how are we going to do those? 

This is not our first rodeo with doing online assessments and so that is what we will do, we will be administering all of the assessments online like we do for all our online courses. Your course coordinator or teacher will let you know what you need to do to prepare for this and how you can take your AP Maths assessment.

When will AP Maths classes go back?

We have no idea when schools will go back but we will go back when they do. So keep an eye on the media and rest assured that we will let you know as soon as we know. 

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