How will you handle not being able to run your in-person workshops and classes due to COVID-19 shutdowns?

Luckily, we have got some significant means to deliver high-quality online workshops and resources to learners as a direct substitute for an in-person workshop and this is how we plan to do so:
If COVID-19 is still spreading in South Africa and we do not think it wise to run an in-person workshop, we will run a live online workshop where learners can join from the comfort and safety of their own home. We have run many classes like this before and the learning experience is great and is a perfect substitute for the in-person workshop. We will post/courier the workbooks to learners or to the learners’ schools for collection so that they have them to work with on the day and the ‘show will go on’, digitally that is. The times of the workshop/class will stay the same! It’s just the venue that will change, it will be online (live). The workshop will also be recorded and then provided to learners after the workshop to enable them to use it after the workshop.

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