We are South Africa’s largest NBT Preparation provider and the timing of the COVID-19 crisis in South Africa is at a problematic moment for learners who need to book and prepare for their important NBT tests. We recognise this. We have discussed how we can best push forward on providing NBT Preparation even in these uncertain times. We believe that it is imperative that learners continue planning their NBT Preparation because learners will ultimately have to write them at some point this year before going to university in 2021.

If I book my NBT Workshop will it run?

Book your NBT Prep with confidence! We understand that you may be nervous about booking for an in-person workshop when there is so much uncertainty around whether or not schools will be open due to COVID-19 closures. We are steadfast in our confidence that we will be able to provide the learning you/your learner booked for so please do not let it prevent you from booking. Our philosophy on this is as follows:

 "The show will go on! it's just the stage setting that might change." 

If we are unable to run the in-person workshop(s) at the venue you booked due to COVID-19 shutdowns then we will deliver it via Livestream (online) over the dates and times of the workshop. And, in our experience, learners really find this valuable and beneficial! So rest assured, we will train your learners for the NBT Preparation workshops. So book with confidence that the service will be delivered to you. If you are unsure then please reach out to our team and we will help guide you and reach the best solution for you. 

We believe that we must continue as per normal until we know otherwise but we do acknowledge that is is a tricky time. We encourage you to book as per normal and we will ensure that we make sure we prepare you/your learner for their NBT test(s). 

Will the NBT tests happen? 

Yes, the Statement from the Centre for Educational Testing for Access & Placement (CETAP) released on the 23rd March 2020 has stated that the NBTs will still run in 2020. They will begin at a later date, the 30th May 2020 and if needed will push that date to later on in the year. Bookings for the NBT tests are still opening on the 1st 

What is the difference between a workshop and a course if they are both online?

Firstly, all the NBT questions we cover in the course and workshop are different. They both cover the same topics so you learn the same things but the actual questions are different. This allows you to use both to maximise the amount of practice you have before your test.

Secondly the core difference is the way in which you learn. If you'd prefer to "box" your NBT preparation into one weekend of intense learning with our educators then the workshop is for you. If you'd rather spread out your learning into your own schedule then the course is better for you. You can use both, and if you purchase a live streamed workshop you will get the online course included for free.

What if I miss an important notice / message about my workshops / course?

We have created a page dedicated to keeping the most current message/notice information that you need to know. Please save this link and check it before your workshop, all important information will be stored there for your convenience. 

What about changing, cancelling or moving my workshop? 

Please see this help article that outlines important information and guidelines you should know in this regard. 

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