This issue has now been resolved by Telkom and the videos should play without any issues. Contact us if you have any trouble watching the videos.

We've received a number of reports from users who can't watch videos on our website, these reports are saying that the player Vimeo is taking too long to respond. If you are receiving this error then please read through this article.

We've been looking into this error and have found that our CDN (Content Delivery Network) Vimeo is being blocked by Telkom.

Below are a few screenshots of the error

If you are receiving these errors then please be sure to contact your internet service provider and log this as an issue. Unsure what to say, then tell them that videos from Vimeo are not loading and ask them if there are any blocks or filters in place.

You can test to see if it is your service provider by using another network, like your mobile device (not Telkom mobile) and seeing if the video loads. You can also check if this is happening to you by going to the Vimeo website by following this link, you will receive a blank page if there are problems.

We're hoping that Telkom will resolve this as soon as possible and we have reached out to them for an answer.

Please chat to our team if you have any questions.

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