What is the NBT TEST?

 Set of tests used to assess a student’s academic literacy general knowledge, and   mathematical skill in an effort to measure academic readiness for university. 

What work is covered in the NBT test?

 The earlier a student writes, the less content they have to learn for the test.  Up      until  the end of June, the content tested is predominantly Grade 11 work and the    first term of Grade 12 (Sequences and Grade 12 Trig).           

Student applying for Medical and Health Science degrees

 You have until the end of the first week in July to write your NBTs.  If you are            wanting to come on one of our preparation courses, then you should try to write      your NBT test about a week later.  Time must be given to working through the          workbook and AQL modules before writing the NBT test.

What are the NBT tests like?

The NBTs are multiple choice tests. Both the AQL and MAT test are 3 hours long. Answers are recorded on what is called a “bubble sheet”. The answer sheets are scanned and then transferred into scores using sophisticated computer software. The AQL is made up of 25 minute sections. You may not refer back or go forward but can only work in the specified 25 minute section. The MAT is not made up of sections in this way.

What if I am applying to two institutions with different application deadlines?

If you are applying to more than one institution or faculty then you need to register and write the NBTs to meet the earliest deadline. You are only required to write the test once, even when applying to more than one institution. All institutions to which you apply will be able to access your NBT result

What to bring to the NBT test?

You must bring:

  • Your ID Book, passport, or a certified receipt of application for South African ID
  • Your registration letter and EasyPay proof of payment (without this you will not be allowed to write the NBTs - the venue administrator will stamp the receipt and return it to you)
  • Two HB pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener
  • Lunch and water, if you are writing both tests
  • DO NOT bring calculators, rulers, dictionaries, scrap paper, notebooks or ipads, tablets or phones

How to prepare for the NBT?

Advantage Learn offers NBT Preparation courses in the form of workshops (book here) and online (book here). Our course is recommended for all students wanting to prepare and do well in their NBT test. With many years experience in preparing students for the NBT test coupled with a world class online learning environment and exceptional educators, we are well placed to give you peace of mind with this challenging test.

How long are NBT results valid for?

NBT results are valid for three years. 

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