What is a Learning Path?

Learning Paths are specific ways in which we have put lessons together to help you achieve a learning goal. They are split into two main types


Graded Learning Paths

These are designed to take you through the chosen Grade. They are CAPS aligned and will cover all you need to know for your Grade. They are perfect for home learning, or for extra lessons on top of your schooling.

Topic Learning Paths

The design of these is to help you if you struggle in a particular area. Suppose you need to improve your algebra. This Learning Path will start at the basics and take you all the way to the end of what you need to learn during high school for this particular topic.

Why can i only be on one Learning Path at a time?

Learning Paths are pretty complex. If you complete a lesson that falls within more than one learning path then our clever system will mark that lesson as complete in all the Learning Paths that it is a part of. Whilst you learn, the clever system also keeps you on the current path and knows what the next lesson is when you complete a lesson, making your learning simple for you!

Because of this we need to keep you on one Learning Path at a time. However you can switch Learning Paths at a click of a button! It's very easy to do.

You have to do this so our clever system doesn't get confused and knows which Learning Path you are focussing on!

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