There is nothing more frustrating than video's not playing. Here are some things you can try to get them to work. 

Check your payment has been successful

Sometimes your payment may not have been successful or there could be an issue. To check this you can go to this page and see if your subscriptions to courses are active or pending. If they are pending then please contact our team for further help, don't forget to tell them that your order is pending!

Has the video box loaded?

If there is no video box then it means the video is missing! SORRY! We have made a mistake! Tell us and we will fix this immediately so you do not miss out and can continue learning. The last thing we want to do is stop you from learning.

I pressed play and there is no sound

Sometimes this can happen when you are using a phone or tablet. The issue is to do with stereo sound on the video and your phone/tablet speakers are mono. To hear the sound properly on these devices you will need to use headphones or a speaker. We are working to fix this issue on all our videos, but it takes time, please be patient with us!

The Black Screen

Have you pressed play and then a black screen appeared? This happens in slow internet and can be solved by waiting up to 1 minute. If after 1 minute the video has not loaded then it probably won't load. Unfortunately this is an issue which is bigger than us. We use to host our videos, if you are getting a black screen it is because you have an issue with loading Vimeo video's. We have had these issues ourselves before and these are our solutions:

Reset/update all operating systems and browsers.
Clear your cache. (This clears all saved pages on your browser). Go to your browsers settings and clear your history/cached data. Then reload the page once this is done.
Reset the router.
Check the internet connection is fast enough.
Remove possible firewalls that will be blocking videos playing from both your computer and your network.
Reset the factory settings on your router and set it up again.
Visit the Vimeo help centre
Use a different device. Try watching on a different computer/tablet/smartphone.

If you had an issue with a black screen and solved it using one of these methods, or a method of your own then we'd love to know about it!

Test if you can watch Vimeo videos

We have a test video you can try and watch. If this works and you still cannot see video's on our site then please get in touch with our team. Here is the test video link. If you feel confident you can use this article to help troubleshoot your issues.
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