These are some frequently asked questions about watching videos on our site.

Q: I'm not able to watch the videos right now, can you download the videos and watch them later?
A: No, because our videos are copyright protected they cannot be downloaded. We are looking into ways that we can offer the videos to be downloaded while keeping them protected, we hope to have a solution soon.

Q: I don't have lots of time to work on a video, can I change the speed of a video?
A: Yes you can! Every video has an option to speed up or slow down the video, you can learn more about how to change the speed of a video here.

Q: I have limited data to use, can I change the quality of the videos to a lower quality?
A: Yes, we have an option to reduce the quality of the videos. You can learn more about the data usages of the videos here and how to change the quality here.

Q: I want to watch the videos at school using the school network but I'm not able to, can this be fixed?
A: Yes this can be fixed but you will need to chat to your school's tech department to resolve this. We use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) called Vimeo. School networks usually block CDNs like Vimeo and YouTube because of this the videos might not play. To resolve contact your school's tech department and ask them if they could unblock Vimeo and videos playing from our site To test if this is the case, try watch one of the videos on a different network (home wifi or mobile data), please contact our tech department if the problem persists on another network.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance if you have any questions about watching videos on our site 😄.
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