With the COVID-19 pandemic and changing lockdown regulations, the NBTs have delayed or moved online.

It is still important to take the NBTs in 2020, even if your university application does not require it, here are the reasons why.

Below here is a list of information about university applications and if they do or do not require the NBT tests for their 2021 applications.

Updated 2020/06/09

UCT - Due to delays in testing, they will not be using the NBT results for the 2021 student intake.
Wits - Will not be requiring the NBT results for the 2021 student intake
Stellenbosch - Does not require NBT results for their 2021 intake with the exception of applicants from the School of Tomorrow (SOT)
Rhodes - Recommends that all first-time university applicants write the NBTs.
UP - Only for applications to Health Sciences as well as Extended programmes.
UFS - According to their twitter, they do not require them for 2021 intake.
NMMU - All medical school applicants will need to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT).
UKZN - NBT results are not considered when applying.
NWU - NBT results required for BCom (CA) and BCom (FA) applications.
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