The AQL test is compulsory for everyone who writes the NBT and aims to test proficiency in language comprehension as well as logic based numerical skills. It assesses knowledge learned in the senior high school phase. The test consists of two parts, Academic Literacy (AL) which measures a learner’s readiness for Academic studies at University. The second part is Quantitative Literacy (QL) which is similar to the NSC subject Maths literacy but tests a students ability to apply this to the context of higher education questions.

The Academic Literacy (AL) sections will require reading of various texts with multiple choice questions referring to the text. Some questions are general knowledge based. Questions on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary are included. It predominantly assesses the ability to understand the meaning and application of various texts as well as understanding and applying the argument or main point of the author.
The Quantitative Literacy (QL) sections assess a student’s capacity to: understand basic numerical concepts, read and interpret graphs, reason logically and identify patterns and trends.

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