We love it when learners ask us questions but sometimes questions can be vague. Also, we have had a few instances where students just circle 10 questions in their textbook and ask us to solve them. Unfortunately, we are not here to just provide homework answers, our aim is to help TEACH students Mathematics. Further to this, these types of questions can mean we are unavailable to answer learners who have questions that they have attempted and just didn't understand. Maths questions where a learner has already attempted a solution are the best because these are the best opportunities for effective learning (for more on how to ask questions effectively read this article).

Because of this, we have had to set a policy on who we answer questions for and our expectations on what our students have done before they ask a question.

Who can ask a question?

National Benchmark Test questions

If you have purchased any of our NBT courses or workshops then you can ask us about any NBT question from our site or workbooks. We will always help you to understand the questions or sections which you struggle on.

General Maths questions

If you subscribe to Maths Online then we endeavour to answer all your maths questions. However, this does not mean we will just give you the answer as we are passionate about teaching students and not just being an answering machine. We have some basic steps that you need to follow to get the best help, Learn - Practice - Assess - Ask.

Learn - Make sure you have navigated to the right section within Maths Online to firstly LEARN the topic. If you have trouble finding it, ask our team to direct you.
Practice - Try the question yourself, if it's from our site you can use the notes attached to each lesson.
Assess - See if you were right, or check the answer. See if you can understand where you went wrong or can see the next steps you were struggling to do.
Ask - Still struggling? Send us a message on our live chat, take a picture of the question and all your working and our team will teach you how to get to the right answer!

If you jump straight to Ask and have not watched the videos on that topic or attempted the question yourself then our team will push you to do so as we believe that is the best way to learn and our aim is that you learn!

Our commitments

For more information on our availability for answering Maths questions, read this article here.

We endeavour to respond to every Maths question within 10 minutes of the question being asked… It may take longer to get to the answer though!

Happy Learning 🎓
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