Deciding which NBT preparation is right for you can be done in three easy steps. Here we will go into each step in more detail:

Step 1: Find out which NBT test you need to write

There are two NBT tests, the AQL test and the MAT test. To find out which of the tests you need to write you need to contact your University department as every University department has different requirements.

Remember that every learner who writes the NBT has to write the AQL test and that you should not attempt the MAT test if you study Mathematical Literacy instead of Core Maths.

Step 2: Choose which sections you want to prepare for

Once you know which tests you are writing you need to decide which ones you want to prepare for.
If you are not taking the MAT then you will only prepare for the AQL, however if you are taking the MAT you can choose to prepare for both the AQL and MAT or just one of them. 

Step 3: Decide if you want to attend Workshops and complete an Online Courses

Advantage Learn offers Workshops and Online Courses for both the AQL and MAT tests. We recommend that the best option is to prepare by attending a workshop and Online course as the Workshop gives you the special allocated time to focus on NBT preparation with a teacher in a classroom. The Online course allows you to have the flexibility to learn, or revise in your own time leading up to taking your NBT.

Finally, how to create NBT Combinations

If you are preparing for both the MAT and AQL tests then we recommend choosing the combination of an AQL Workshop, AQL Online Course, MAT Workshop and MAT Online Course.
You may choose to create a different combination such as attending an MAT workshop and using the AQL Online Course, or you may choose just the Online courses.
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