NBT Online Test Information
This is an information article for learners that are sitting the NBT online test

What is required
There are a few things that you will need to make sure that you have set up before your online test to ensure that it runs smoothly.
Desktop PC or Notebook/Laptop or iMac/Macbook. Please note that cell phones, iPads and tablets are not supported
Microphone or a headset with a microphone attached
A Webcam
A stable internet, at least 1Mbps. For mobile networks please make sure you have at least 500Mb of data for each test

A quiet room to work in without any distractions
Back up power if you're about to face load shedding
3 hours of time for each test, don't make plans to go out if you are sitting the test
Switch off screen savers to prevent your PC from going to sleep
Back up internet source with at least 500Mb (for each test) for if your net goes down

Please follow this link to a PDF from the NBTs for more NBT Online Test Rules and Requirements.

Steps to download and set up
Please follow this link to a PDF from the NBTs for info about downloading and setting up for your test.
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