If you purchased a Maths Online subscription during or before 2018 and it is still active on the 31 December 2018 then we will be locking that price in. You would have signed up to either the R199 per month subscription or the R1,990 per year subscription.

As early adopters of this product we want to honour the price we gave you at the start. Thus we are locking in your subscriptions to the price that you signed up to. When we increase the price of Maths Online we will not increase your subscription fee. 

There are naturally some terms and conditions to this.

You have an active Maths Online subscription on the 31st December 2018.
Your subscription must remain active at all times. If you cancel and want to resubscribe, miss a payment or pause your subscription then Advantage Learn reserves the right to only offer you a new subscription at the current price and not the early adopters price.
Advantage Learn reserves the right to stop selling and providing the product "Maths Online" or any other names it may be called in the future, at which point all subscriptions will stop.
If the price of the “Maths Online “ ever products falls below the locked price, your subscription will be moved into the lower price option if the product is the same as the current offering.
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