Learning online comes in many formats. You are probably already familiar with pre-recorded videos which you can watch whenever you like. Another format is in a live streamed lesson, if you are yet to experience this then your in for a treat!

What are they?

Basically they are exactly the same as a classroom lesson but with a few benefits. Let me explain how they work and why it is beneficial to learn this way.

The teacher is filmed throughout the session so that you can see and hear them clearly with all their expressions and hand gestures. This is exactly the same as the classroom experience of learning but without the risk of spreading of germs.
The learners can follow from the convenience of their home on a computer, tablet or even a phone, although we do not recommend a phone due to the size of the screen.
A learner can ask questions at any time on the live stream by clicking a button to put up their hand or by typing their question. Learners can see each other's questions as well and can respond to them via a chat feature without distracting the rest of the class who are still engaged with the lesson. Our educator will also stop and answer learner questions.
The lesson is recorded. Everything which happens during the lesson is recorded so that a learner can go through the lesson again to revise or revisit sections they found difficult to grasp... you cannot do this for a regular classroom lesson, once the lesson ends its over and you have to rely on your memory alone!

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like, notice how you can clearly see the educator and the work that she is using, just like a whiteboard in a school. As soon as she starts writing all the learners watching will see. You can also see the learners asking questions.

What you need

Advantage Learn will send you full instructions on how to access the live streamed workshops which is very simple and is done through an amazing tool called Zoom. To access this you will need.

A device to learn off such as computer, tablet or phone.
An internet connection with data.
A pen and notepad so that you join in the lesson and do not just watch it.

If you have any further questions please talk to our team! We look forward to seeing you online.
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