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If you choose not to carry on with your subscription then go to "My account" then "Subscriptions" when you are logged into your billing profile and cancel when you no longer want to use Maths Online! No hard feelings or tricky admin - we promise!

Activate your profile

If you are purchasing for yourself (i.e. the person purchasing is also going to be the one watching the maths videos) then your profile will have automatically been set up through the checkout process. You can immediately start learning from “My Dashboard”.

If you purchase for someone else (for example, a parent purchasing for their child) TWO profiles will be created on – a “billing profile” and a student profile. The billing profile is automatically created on checkout, you can use this profile to log in and view your student’s progress and to update any billing details (for e.g. if you want to change your credit card details or cancel your subscription). The student profile needs to be set up by clicking on the link sent via email to the STUDENT’S email address. This is the profile where all learning material is accessed.

Watch and Learn
Once you’ve found which learning path you’d like to follow then start learning! Our content is available to you anytime, anywhere.You just need an internet connection and your login details. Our platform works on computers, tablets and smartphones (we do advise a phone might be too small to learn on but it’s great for short bursts of learning!) After signing up you have full access to our learning platform. Go check-out the vast Maths content we have, request permission to see other learners progress with “Learner Following”, or if you are a parent, request to see your child’s progress.

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