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If I have an active subscription and the price of the product changes, does my subscription go up?
The short answer is no, the price for Maths Online at the time that you signed up will remain as your price for life.

Do I need to keep my subscription active to keep my price?
No, you can keep using Maths Online at the same price that you signed up for as long as you have signed up for Maths Online and made one payment before the price is changed.

How do I keep my original price for Maths Online?
It's very simple as long as you had signed up to Maths Online at some point before the price change. It doesn't matter if your subscription was cancelled too, you'll keep your price! All you have to do is resubscribe from inside your account.

You can check that you have previously signed up for Maths Online in your billing account on the subscription page.
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