Watch Adam walk you through how to use answer sheets or read about our features below.

Answer sheets are easily accessible

Under each learning video, you'll find an attached worksheet with the questions that are covered in this video. The answer sheets can be found right beneath the worksheet making it easy to check whether you got the answer correct or not.

Our answer sheets all have timestamps on them

Timestamps on our answer sheets can show you what time that question comes up in the video. This means that you can instantly check whether you got a question right, and then instantly skip to the exact spot in a lesson video to see how the educator solves it.

You can drag the video time to the timestamp outlined in the answer sheet to watch our educators working through the problem. Remember that if you are stuck, you can always start a conversation with one of our educators.

Try a different approach by attempting the worksheet yourself and checking your answers against the answer sheet to see where you went wrong. You can then watch the video lesson afterwards to help you understand where you went wrong. Attempting the questions this way around will help you to see where you have gaps in your knowledge so that you can focus on learning all the right things to patch up those gaps and improve your results.

Happy learning! 🙂
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