Step 1:

Download a FREE scanner app on your smartphone. There are a variety of free scanning apps that you can download from the Google play store or the IOS store. We suggest checking which scanning apps work the best on your device and that you test it out thoroughly BEFORE you write your termly written AP Maths exams.

N.B: Some scanning apps will have a free/basic/limited version and then a premium version. Please use the free version of the app you download. The free/basic/limited version will generally leave some form of a watermark or logo on your PDFs or even restrict the number of pages you can scan in one day. It is your responsibility to ensure that the app you download has a free/basic/limited version that you can use to scan as many pages as you need and has a small watermark or logo so as to not obstruct any writing on your papers.

Please note that Advantage Learn is not liable for any costs incurred if you use a paid version of a Scanner app.

Step 2:

Depending on the scanning app you have downloaded, you will need to familiarize yourself with renaming your PDF file to the naming convention stipulated in your AP Maths exams. The generally accepted naming of your AP Maths PDF files are:

First name | Last name | Grade | APM | Term | Paper.

Example: John Smith Gr10 APM Term 3 Paper 1

To rename your scanned PDF file, check on your app once you have completed scanning all your pages for the menu (generally indicated by 3 dots on some apps or 3 horizontal lines). There will be an option to “rename” your file, using the naming convention indicated above.

Step 3:

Once you have renamed your PDF file, you can either download it to your smart phone and email it to your AP Maths educator or you can “share” it directly via the scanning app (via your email) you are using. Please ensure that if you do share from your scanning app, that it is sending the correct PDF file to your educator.

N.B: It is also very helpful to give your email title a helpful title when you send your PDF file to your AP Maths educator. A good example of your email title could be using the same naming convention that you use for your PDF file.


Here is a step-by-step example, using one of the free scanning apps called Cam Scanner. Whichever app you use, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the basic process of scanning multiple pages; converting them into one PDF file and renaming it correctly to email to your AP Maths educator.

Download the free scanning app: Cam Scanner onto your smartphone
Register an account with Cam Scanner using your email address
This gives you access to the “basic” version which leaves a small logo at the bottom right of your papers when you scan (which is fine as it does not obstruct the writing on your papers)
Click on the camera icon at the bottom right corner to start scanning
The app’s default for scanning is set to “Docs” which is fine for our purposes
Take a picture of your first page and check that all your work fits into the scan you have taken
Click on next and leave it on the page setup by default (i.e. No shadow).
You can now rename your file by clicking on the top text and editing it. Once you have renamed your file, click on OK and then click on the green arrow at the bottom right to continue.
You can now see that your file is named correctly. You can then add more pages by clicking on the green camera icon.
Once you have scanned ALL your pages, you can click on the PDF logo on the top right to combine all of your files into one PDF file
You will notice the small logo at the bottom right corner (this is due to the free/basic version - which is fine as it does not obstruct the writing). To email your PDF file click on “Share”
Lastly, the title of your email can be the same as the name of your PDF file. You can click send so that the email goes to your AP Maths educator
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