How to prepare for the live lesson / webinar:


You will have been given a registration link by our team, simply click the link and enter your name & email address to register. If it is a public webinar you should find a registration link on our Webinars page:

Download Zoom:

Download and install the Zoom application to your device before the webinar date by following this link: 

You can use a Mac, PC, tablet or any iOS/Android device.
You do not need an account, just install.

Internet connection:

We recommend that you have a stable and fast internet connection via wifi or ethernet. The audio and video stream will be data heavy so you want to avoid using your mobile data if possible.

Allocate time:

Digital events very in length, we will often give an estimated length which we recommend you allocate to be able to participate in the full event.

Joining live lesson (on the day):

If you have installed the Zoom application on your device you can either follow the original registration link or a new join link which will be provided - both will allow you to join at the time of the event.
It will open your browser and redirect you to the application
Enter your name and email address
You will be able to join 10min before the webinar start time

We recommend joining the lesson at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time so that you can ensure you are connected and you are ready to participate.

Having trouble?

If you are having a problem installing the Zoom application or joining the digital event please contact us so that we can assist you
Email: [email protected]
Number: 071 500 4951

Happy learning 🎓
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