Cached data is temporary data from your previous web page views stored in your browser's data.

Desktop browser keyboard shortcuts to quickly clear your cache. This will also remove some browsing data:
Windows: Ctrl+shift+delete
Mac: ⌘+Shift+Delete  or  ⌘+Shift+⌫  or  ⌘+Shift+⟵

Google Chrome
Google says to click on the three-dot menu at the top upper-right of the browser, then Settings > Show advanced settings > Clear browsing data.
Be sure to only leave the cache tickbox checked before clicking Clear Browser Data.

Apple says to click History > Clear History, click the pop-up menu, then choose how far back you want your browsing history cleared.

Firefox says to click the menu button and choose Preferences > Select the Advanced panel > Click on the Network tab > In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.

Opera says to clear all browsing history, including cookies and more, click the Clear Browsing Data button on the top-right of the page. Tick the checkboxes next to the specific browsing data you'd like to remove. Click Clear browsing data.

Windows Edge
[Windows]( says to select Hub  > History > Select Clear all history**. Choose the types of data you want to remove from your PC, then select Clear.
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