When you first see My Maths Online it can be a bit overwhelming so let me help you out with getting started.

Step 1 - Make sure you have purchased Maths Online

When you first view My Maths Online you may see this message on all the different learning Paths. 

Purchase Maths online

If you do then you need to purchase Maths Online first. If you have purchased Maths Online then there is an error with your order, please tell our team and they will solve it for you.

Step 2 - Choose a Learning Path to follow

Once you have access to Maths Online you need to then start by choosing a Learning Path (You can find out more about learning paths here). To begin this path you need to select 

Switch to this Path

Step 3 - Get to the first lesson

Once you have switched to the path you can use the Path Outline to jump to a lesson, or simply press the button Resume this Path to go to the first lesson and begin lesson.

Happy Learning!
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