Disclaimer: these are just averages and can vary depending on network conditions and your device's cache but this should still give you an idea how much data you are using._

How much data are you using?

We're all data conscious and we know that watching videos online can use a lot of data. To help understand this, we've broken down the data usage for each quality setting and added them below for your convenience.

500MB per 10 mins @ 1080p
250MB per 10 mins @ 720p
120MB per 10 mins @ 540p
60MB per 10 mins @ 360p

By default the videos are set to auto, learn more about how to change the quality of a video.

Want to learn more about watching videos on our site, please read our video FAQs.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance if you would like to know more about watching videos on our site 😄.
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