Do you want to stop using Maths Online right now but wish to continue from where you left off at a later stage?

While your subscription is paused you will not be charged monthly but your access will be temporarily closed until you turn your subscription back on. This is useful for the months that you are unable to pay for Maths Online or if you are going to be away for most of the month.

Let's say your order renews on the 1st of January, then you pause your subscription on February 12th, you will not pay anything until you reactivate it.

Follow these 3 quick steps to pause your subscription.

Step 1

Go to your subscriptions in your billing account. If you are a learner you will need to ask the person who purchased Maths Online to log in and do this from their account.
Click **here** to go directly to the subscriptions page.
On the subscriptions page you'll find a list of all your subscriptions.

Step 2

Click View on the subscription you would like to pause. In my case, it's subscription

Step 3

You should see all your subscription details here.

Click Pause to pause the subscription


That's it, your subscription is now on pause.
The status of your subscription should now say On hold and the Next Payment Date should be removed. You will see that the Pause button has changed to Reactivate

Want to reactive your subscription?

Follow the above steps 1 to 2, then click Reactivate.

Your access to Maths Online will open again and your billing schedule will continue from where it left off.


That's it, your subscription is now active again 😄 !
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