Are you worried about data usage or are the videos constantly stopping to buffer. This guide will help you change the quality of the videos to help reduce buffering and data usage. By default the videos are set to auto and adjust depending on your network speed, follow these three steps to change the quality of the videos.

Step 1

Once the video box has loaded click on the little cog wheel (see screenshot below) to open the video settings.

Step 2

Two options will be available to change, quality and speed (learn more about how to change the speed of a video). Select Quality (see screenshot below) to show the quality options.

Step 3

Select one of the options then close the toolbar by clicking anywhere on the page.

Important things to remember when selecting a quality.

Select a lower quality until the videos play smoothly, if you are having constant buffering issues, alternatively you press play then leave the video to buffer the press play.
If data is an issue select a lower video quality to help reduce the amount of data you use while watching the videos, learn more about how much data will you use when watching our videos.


That's it!

Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance if you would like some help changing the quality of the videos on our site 😄.
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