Please read carefully through this full guide before starting.

Important points to note

Changing your payment method will only work for orders that have their status as Pending payment and Failed.
You can change your payment method from Credit, Debit or Cheque Card to Direct Bank Transfer / EFT. However, you cannot change from Direct Bank Transfer / EFT to Credit, Debit or Cheque Card on your own. To do this please contact us, so we can change the status for you.
Some of our products only have the Credit, Debit or Cheque Card payment option and cannot be changed. Maths Online is a good example of this.

Step 1

To check your order status.
Go to your orders in your billing account. If you are a learner you will need to ask the person who tried to order for you to log in and do this from their account.
Click **here** to go directly to the order page.
Or log in then click My Dashboard then My Account then Orders.
On the orders page, you'll find a list of all your orders.

In the below screenshot you can see that my order #AL-25343 is Pending payment.
To change the payment method for this order and update your billing details, click Pay.

Step 2

After clicking pay you will be taken to the billing page.
You can review and make changes to your billing details here.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see the list of payment methods see screenshot below. Select the payment method you wish to use.

When you are happy continue by confirming that you have read and accepted our terms of use, terms of sale, security policy, refund policy and privacy policy.
After accepting our policies click Place order. 


That's it! Your payment method has been changed.

Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance if you are struggling to change your payment method 😄.
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