There are many spaces you will encounter when navigating which involve large lists of content, from available workshops to the numerous past papers we host on our site. We realized that finding the content you want can prove to be quite difficult. So, we thought ahead, and have made it possible to filter through content when necessary.

We have created filters that are relevant to the content you are searching for and have made and effort to place these filters in places where it would be the most useful to you. It can be extremely helpful to filter data, not only does it make your search much easier but it can prevent mistakes and allow you to find all that data that match your criteria, giving you the quality experience you expect from us.

The filtering system is designed to be effortless to use, with a simple series of drop down filtering options you are able to achieve up to 4 levels of filtering. The options are designed to filter automatically so all you have to do is select your filter and we will do the rest.

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