As an educator getting used to using a new system can be a little daunting and time-consuming. Advantage Learn has a few features that I am going to elaborate on that you may find helpful when using the platform. These can be found on your dashboard.

Learner Following

This tool helps you track your learners and their progress. It will give you insights into their last login and let you know how much progress they have made in a certain learning path.
You can get a helpful view of the learner’s activity on the courses through the Course Insights which will tell you which lessons the learner has completed and the date this was completed.
In the learner following tab, you are also able to search for any specific learners to give you quick access if you have multiple learners on the site.
We can also assist you in adding Learner Following to your learners by the means of a bulk upload which will be added to your profile. If you would like this to be actioned for you please contact us and we will request the required information.
If you do have a large number of learners online, you can also use the Class Following feature tab in Learner Following. This will allow you to search for specific lessons and show you who of your followed learners have completed the content, giving you the ability to see who has completed prescribed work.

Answer Sheets

Most of our videos have answer sheets attached with the lesson notes that can be downloaded. This means that the learners can watch the video and then get direct feedback if they made any mistakes they can check the answer straight away and if they are still unable to grasp the concept they can contact the educator or start a live chat with one of our educators.

Past Papers

We have multiple past papers(IEB & DBE) and memos (DBE only) on the site that can be used as great exam preparation. This is currently only for Gr12 learners as there are too many other variations in the individual school testing in the other grades.

Helpful Articles and Blogs

We have a large number of articles and blogs that range from technical support to life coaching articles that may be shared with learners if there is a need. Some of the helpful articles touch on the topics of time management, note-taking tips, customer stories and exam preparation tips.

If you have any suggestions into how we can better assist you as an educator on our site we would love to hear them.
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